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LEVY & ASSOCIATES sponsors Standardized and Non-Standardized Regional Prototype Profit Sharing, 401(k), Money Purchase and Defined Benefit Plans. Adoption of a Regional Prototype plan results in low or no Internal Revenue Service filing fees.

INSTALLATION PHASE encompasses all those functions required to make a Plan and Trust operational.

Representative functions are:

1.  Cooperating with the client's counsel in the preparation of the Plan, Trust Agreement, Board of Directors' resolutions and such other material as may be required for submission to the Internal Revenue Service;

2.  Preparation of actuarial calculations in support of appropriate corporate tax deductions;

3.  Preparation of summary and schedules required for new plans by the U.S. Treasury Department and assistance in obtaining its approval for tax deductions;

4.  Recommendations of funding media and arrangement with the most qualified company, be it Insurance, Trust, Open-End Investment Company, or other;

5.  Assistance in preparation of any document required under the Federal Welfare and Pension Plans Disclosure Act;

6.  Preparation of a manual covering the administration of the Plan;

7.  Design and drafting of Summary Plan Description used in conjunction with an overall employee communication program;

8.  General assistance and advice to employers, executives, accounting and personnel department officials and other involved with respect to technical, administrative, procedural, personnel or policy matters;

9.  Arrange for individual or group employee meetings as desired by the company, to explain and answer questions about the company's retirement plan.