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ANNUAL CONSULTING, ACTUARIAL AND ADMINISTRATION PHASE is a continuing part of any Employee Benefit Program. Some of the steps involved are:

1. Annual analysis of the plan, in light of (a) any changed situations in the employer's business; (b) developments within the employee benefit plan field of which the employer should be made aware; (c) changes in Governmental tax laws and regulations.

2. Valuation of the Plan's funds to determine if it is meeting the desired objectives;

3. Preparation of such reports as may be required by the Internal Revenue Service, in support of corporate tax deductions claimed by the Company;

4. Calculations and preparation of individual annual statements for each participant;

5. Annual revision of the administration manual of individual and composite records;

6. Preparation and distribution of booklets, certificates and other employee communication material;

7. Handling of distribution in the event of death, disability, retirement or termination of a participant's employment;

8. Development of a proper communication system involving Plan benefits and changes in Plan provisions, so that each employee may have a full understanding of the Plan and related benefits.