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Plan Design & Administration

We provide professional counsel in the design, installation and administration of employee benefit programs.

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The cornerstone of Levy & Associates is the high level of service our organization provides. We believe clear lines of communication between the client and the plan consultant are paramount in assuring that the retirement program operates smoothly and effectively.  We provide timely and accurate reports and administrative forms for the employer and plan participants.

Plan Design

Plan design is one of the most important components of a successful retirement plan. Our credentialed staff will provide consultation through each step of your plan design process. Whether designing an employee matching contribution, determining the proper eligibility and vesting parameters or deciding which plan features to include in your plan, our team will help customize your plan for an effective and robust program for employees and executive staff.

Plan Installation

Throughout the plan installation process, our team will assist the employer and the client’s financial professionals with administrative support with guidance to successfully create a new retirement plan or transition from a previous retirement plan program.

Audit Support

At Levy & associates, our staff will work with plan auditors to help them navigate through employee data, plan documents, annual testing and reporting requirements so the audit team will be prepared to complete a thorough and effective annual plan audit.

Compliance Testing

Complicated regulations and parameters in today’s plans require sophisticated software and experienced professionals to help employers navigate through a variety of compliance tests.Whether it be top-heavy, anti-discrimination or certain coverage tests, our staff will help the employer understand what is required and how to meet all these stringent testing requirements.We will help the employer understand in layman‘s terms, how they can operate a plan within the rules and satisfy the ERISA Guidelines and stay within the boundaries of other government rules and limits.

Actuarial Services

In some cases, a customized plan will be the most effective retirement solution for a small to midsized employer. Popular plan design programs such as Defined Benefit, Cash Balance and New Comparability or Cross Testing will create effective strategies for long-term retirement planning success. Our team will assist the employer in looking at all the data and fact gathering criteria to create these beneficial programs working with actuarial assumptions to create a truly custom designed outcome.

Annual Reviews

The administrative services provided by Levy & Associates not only provides the documentation, reports and testing required for plans on an annual basis, but can also assist the client with regular plan checkups, consultation and plan design adjustments


Unbiased counsel

LEVY & ASSOCIATES operates independently of insurance companies, brokerage firms, banks, trust companies, legal or accounting firms. We work in cooperation with such organizations as directed by the client.We act solely in the interest of our client on a wholly professional basis.

Our goal is to minimize the amount of time the client must spend on plan operations.Through strong cost controls we are able to provide these services at fees which are among the lowest in the area.

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