Compliance Testing

Compliance Testing

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Businesses are always complicated and retirement planning is no different. With the wide arrange of agencies overseeing retirement plans and thousands of federal, state, and local registrations, retirement planning is no easy walk in the park. 

At Levy and Associates, we are appreciative of our expertise in being able to navigate this complex market. Through our many years of experience, we’ve been able to build a solid track record proving the skills of our talented team. This way, our clients can solely focus on running their business and leave the compliance testing to us.

At the start, we offer full support and know-how on dealing with IRS, Department of Labor, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp, and more in order to ensure you avoid penalties and any administrative hassle.

Below are some of the compliance tests that have to be applied frequently:

  • General Internal Revenue Code for every retirement plan. This is in order to ensure that the benefits top executives receive are not unfair
  • IRC Minimum distribution requirements in order to ensure each participant is receiving the appropriate amount of annual distributions
  • Maximum compensation rules to regulate whether the distributions are not going over the legal limits
  • Average deferral percentages to make sure that the 401K salary deferral contributions given by highly paid employees are not violating specific ratios

The tests mentioned above are just a small amount of the regulations that are strict and at times, overlapping. It’s very common the companies will have to edit their plans because they have fallen out of compliance in regards to the rules. 

Our team is always checking and monitoring the regular changes and adjusting our client’s policies to make sure they comply. Levy and Associates also stay up-to-date on new regulations that may affect taxable benefits and will adjust plans accordingly to help our clients receive the best advantage.

Levy and Associates is your retirement planning experts and each client of ours has the benefit of knowing their team is qualified beyond belief. 

Tailored for you!

Creating the perfect customizable retirement plan is our specialty. To make sure each plan is customized properly, our team only consists of the brightest and most experienced members that have many years of combined experience between them. Each member is able to access some of the best tools around: 

  • Software that allows us to maximize donations while taking into account every variable the client company, market and environment can have
  • Professionalism and experience to guarantee consent with the regulating businesses like the IRS, DOL, etc.
  • Staying up-to-date on the latest training and educating our team, clients, and members on the constantly changing laws and practices
  • Access to financially accurate figures that are sophisticated yet easily understandable to any non-investment expert. 

We strive to be the experts at resolving any issue thrown our way and will always answer any request our client deems necessary.

The business world functions on being unpredictable but at Levy and Associates, we have been able to make that a strength. Our customizable retirement plans use the unpredictable nature of the business world as factors of growth and each plan has built-in safeguards to make sure your company can handle anything. 

Contact Levy and Associates so we can discuss your options and make your dream retirement plan a reality! 

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