Actuarial Services

Actuarial Services

Mitigate Risk

Actuaries are risk-takers and are an integral part of the retirement planning process. Without their measured and managed risks, the process would not be done properly. To help manage the increasingly complex nature, Levy and Associates use these tools: 

  • Proprietary software
  • Life contingency data
  • Actuarial cost methods
  • Customized formulas 

At Levy and Associates, we utilize these tools to help our clients understand the complex data of managing this uncertainty. 

Risk is an opportunity for our actuaries. By identifying and quantifying risk, they’re able to identify the best winning strategy for one’s retirement plan. 

Some of the ways our actuarial services can help our clients are:

  • Evaluating the likelihood of future events and their probability degree
  • Designing ways to reduce the likelihood of unwanted events and offering multiple outcomes 
  • Minimizing the impact of negative factors on the client’s retirement plan and general financial outlook

Half of the investors will make decisions without the help of actuarial services and while this fine, these decisions can lead to a disaster. At Levy and Associates, our skilled actuaries are here to assemble metrics, compare important data, project trends, and make assumptions with a fair amount of certainty. 

Actuarial talent is a combination of skills. Our talented staff has years of experience and depends on a supportive staff of accountants, attorneys, and administrators. At Levy and Associates, we bring various disciplines together to create an award-winning strategy. 

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