Plan Installation

Plan Installation

Plans Provisioned for you

Once we’ve learned about your business and the feasibility study has been completed, a plan will be carefully curated that best fits your company’s needs and we will move onto the next phase, implementation!


At Levy and Associates, our job is just beginning. In addition to the beginning and continuing financial donations, there are two main issues that need to be addressed, the regulatory checks and balances as well as the participating workforce.


When introducing the right retirement plan having the correct materials and presentation can make a huge difference for your employees. With the right introduction, you can achieve the long-term commitment of your dreams.

Our certified staff is here to assist with any legal and regulating needs to make sure your retirement plan is up-to-par. 

To make sure of this, we work with our trusted partners on these main aspects:

  • Specialized attorneys prepare the plan documents
  • Creation of proper amendments for each customized plan
  • Creation of materials, both educational and informational, for those opting into the plan
  • Assisting in the application for the IRS determination letter 
  • Preparation of all needed IRS, DOL and PBGC forms
  • Audited support on IRS, DOL, and PBGC forms if needed
  • Collaboration with investment providers to achieve the plan
  • Preparation of plan document restatements 
  • Provide required notices to those participating in the plan
  • Continual monitoring of updated laws, regulations and more

From the beginning, it’s extremely important to explain to each potential participant a detailed description of their retirement plan- listing every way the plan benefits them, their role, and the overarching concept of the plan in general.

Most employees will probably not be intrigued by the ins and outs, but it’s important to have them be a part of the discussion and truly understand how their company’s plan can affect their future.

From the start to finish, Levy and Associates is here to manage all of the responsibilities when implementing a retirement plan.

Tailored for you!

Creating the perfect customizable retirement plan is our specialty. To make sure each plan is customized properly, our team only consists of the brightest and most experienced members that have many years of combined experience between them. Each member is able to access some of the best tools around: 

  • Software that allows us to maximize donations while taking into account every variable the client company, market and environment can have
  • Professionalism and experience to guarantee consent with the regulating businesses like the IRS, DOL, etc.
  • Staying up-to-date on the latest training and educating our team, clients, and members on the constantly changing laws and practices
  • Access to financially accurate figures that are sophisticated yet easily understandable to any non-investment expert. 

We strive to be the experts at resolving any issue thrown our way and will always answer any request our client deems necessary.

The business world functions on being unpredictable but at Levy and Associates, we have been able to make that a strength. Our customizable retirement plans use the unpredictable nature of the business world as factors of growth and each plan has built-in safeguards to make sure your company can handle anything. 

Contact Levy and Associates so we can discuss your options and make your dream retirement plan a reality! 

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